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Photo of a white woman (black and white photo) who has long dark hair and wears a black top. She looks away from camera and smiles.

Sarah Leigh

Founder, Writer, Director, Producer, Agent, Actor

Moviemaking media logo - fluorescent writing in pink red and blue that reads the company name.

Jack RH O'Sullivan & Will Spires

Writer-Director & Producer

Katharine McEwan

Producer, Writer, Actor

Photo of a white woman with red curly hair. She wears a leather jacket and looks towards the camera.

Inclusive Talent

Talent Agency forefronting disabled & neurodivergent talent

The Inclusive Talent logo. Black writing that read iT with a green star above the 'I' and Inclusive Talent.
Black and white photo of a white man with a short bead and black hair who wears glasses and a black shirt

John King

Film Composer, Musician

Inclusivity Films Logo Purple infinity symbol centred with purple writing in capital letters that reads 'Inclusivity' and 'films' underneath


A headshot black and white of a white woman with ling dark hair who looks away from camera and smiles. She wears a black round neck top.

Sarah Leigh

Sarah Leigh is the founder of Inclusivity Films. Sarah is a neurodivergent, working-class British filmmaker (writer-director) & advocate based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

A passionate advocate for inclusion and authenticity in film, Sarah founded Inclusivity Films, a company that showcases d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent talent on and off the screen. She was supported in 2022 by Creative UK/BFI, and is a Women in Film & Television UK mentee for 2023. She also co-founded Inclusive Talent, an agency that forefronts disabled and neurodivergent actors.

Sarah's directorial debut, Typical?, is currently on the festival circuit with Official Selections at Lowestoft Film Festival and Ealing Film Festival. She has also written (and will be directing) One Day which was developed at the Sundance Institute and is based on her own experiences of raising her disabled son. The screenplay was in the Official Selection for the Flickers' Rhode Island Film Festival 2022.

Sarah is a mother to two boys, one of whom is disabled, and her advocacy work includes developing Healthcare Passports with the NHS, for children with complex needs and disabilities. She speaks out about access and equity in the screen industries but also within healthcare and every day life.


Acting credits include Silent Night (Amazon/Sky), Heart of Hope (Amazon Prime) & as the title role in the 2015 indie film Goodnight, Gloria. She also starred in the award-winning climate change short film 2025: The Long Hot Winter (narrated by Brian Eno).

Image © Sequoia Ziff

Movie making media logo written in red blue and pink fluorescent writing.

Movie Making Media

Movie Making Media are an award-winning production company who produce shorts, features and offer photography, videography and commercial services. The company was founded by Writer-Director, Jack RH O'Sullivan, & Filmmaker, Will Spires.

They worked on the short film Boy in a Park, alongside Sarah Leigh, which told the story of a young autistic man and his sensory needs.

Inclusivity Films are co-producing MMM's short, Tourettes & I,  which is based on Jack's experience of attending a job interview.

Image © Movie Making Media

Headshot of a white woman with red curly hair. She wears a leather jacket and looks toward the camera side on.

Katharine McEwan

Katharine McEwan is an award-winning British actress, writer, and producer committed to creating quality, hard-hitting and issue driven content. Her films have been invited to over a hundred film festivals world-wide, including screenings in New York, Moscow, Sydney and Toronto.


Katharine’s feature film Solitary (Amazon & iTunes) which she wrote, produced and starred in, won sixteen festival awards and opened both the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, and the London Independent Film Festival, where it won Best UK Feature.


In addition to her on-camera work, Katharine is also an award-winning narrator, having lent her voice to numerous titles spanning genres such as fiction, fantasy, and drama.. As a writer, she has created and performed stories with Snap Judgment Live! and the Road Theatre in Los Angeles, and works regularly as a script consultant and screenwriter.

Image © Nicole Wilson

The Inclusive Talent logo written in black with 'iT' the 'I' is dotted with a green star

Inclusive Talent

Inclusive Talent is an actors' agency, co-founded by Sarah Leigh & Diane Janssen, that represents acting and performing talent in the Film, TV and Theatre industries. They forefront disabled and neurodivergent actors and at least half of their client list identify as such.

Inclusive Talent started in February 2020 and has grown rapidly in the short time they have been established. Clients' work includes jobs with Netflix, Channel 4, ITV,  the NHS, National Theatre and many more.

The agency works to ensure disabled & neurodivergent characters are cast authentically but also that actors are cast for characters where their disability isn't part of the plot line.

Diane & Phil Janssen's, Bedazzle Arts, includes bespoke education programmes and Bedazzle inclusive Theatre (BiT). BiT is an inclusive theatre company offering performers with diverse lived experience the opportunity to create ground breaking theatre.

BiT are working with Inclusivity Films on the short film Typical?

Black and white photo of a white man with black hair and short beard. he wears a black shirt and sunglasses.

John King

John King is a Film Composer & Musician based in the U.K. 


John started his music career as a Guitarist in bands such as Slyde, Little Hell, & Amen, and toured across the UK & Europe.

John is an accomplished songwriter, writing songs for Universal music group/Last Ten/Hawk Records which led to work with renowned producers such as Tony Visconti, Ross Robinson & Chris Kimsey. 

Film credits include Ryan Port's 'The Last Christmas', for which John won multiple awards for the film score including the Platinum Award at the Independent Shorts Awards, the Gold Award at the Hollywood Gold Awards and Best Original Score at the Indie X Film Fest. John also wrote the theme for the film 63lbs starring Michael Madsen, directed by Anyrin.

John is working on multiple projects with Inclusivity Films, including One Day and Typical?


John's IMDb can be found here.



Image © Stephanie Pick

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