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A lone chair sits in the middle of this film poster. The words Typical? Who decides? are below the photo and then Adapted from the successful stage play I'm Non-Typical, typical. A Bedazzle Arts & Inclusivity Films co-production shoots summer 2022. At the top are the words A bedazzle Inclusive Theatre film with Inclusivity Films


BUDGET: £20,000


GENRE: Social-issue drama


LOGLINE: Frustrated by how they are treated, a group of disabled individuals challenge the narrative that society has placed upon them. 

Adapted from the successful Bedazzle inclusive Theatre Edinburgh fringe show, I'm Non-Typical, Typical by Matthew Hunt, and funded by the National Lottery, TYPICAL? aims to challenge societal misperceptions around neurodivergence and disability.

WRITERS: Sarah Leigh (screenplay); Matthew Hunt / BiT (stage play)

DIRECTOR: Sarah Leigh

PRODUCERS: Bedazzle inclusive Productions & Inclusivity Films

Full credits in trailer above and on IMDb

Audio Described trailer here

One for the Road

One for the Road.png


GENRE: Horror

Written by Sarah Leigh and based on the short story by Stephen King.

LOGLINE: A man seeks help from strangers when he is stranded on a country road with his young family, unbeknown to him that he has broken down in dangerous territory.


PRODUCERS: Inclusivity Films (Creative Producer); Bedazzle inclusive Productions.

“One For The Road” © (March 2002) Stephen King

Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Tourettes & I

The back of a man's head. He wears a white shirt and braces. The title Tourettes & I with various film festival laurels surrounding the photo. A short film by Jack RH O'Sullivan. Ashton Cooper.

BUDGET: £1,500


GENRE: Social awareness drama

LOGLINE: On the day of an important job interview, a young man with Tourette Syndrome encounters discrimination and a lack of understanding from others.

Written by Jack RH O' Sullivan, TOURETTES & I is based on Jack's own experience of having Tourette syndrome. Told with authenticity and co-written by his Movie Making Media partner, Will Spires, TOURETTES & I follows a day in a life of Liam and his journey to interviewing for a job.​


CO-WRITER: Will Spires

PRODUCERS: Will Spires, Movie Making Media;

Sarah Leigh (Creative Producer), Inclusivity Films

Trailer here

Film available now on DarkSky TV.

Image © Movie Making Media

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